What is the Electrostimulation or Electrofitness?

Electro stimulation or electro fitness is a new way of activating muscles. With it you can activate up to 350 muscles at the same time. With integral EMS Revolution equipment you will achieve desired results with 20 minutes training, only twice a week.

Benefits of Electrostimulation

Weight Loss

With a balanced diet and 20-minutes workouts twice a week

Time Saver

Only 20 minutes of EMS training can replace 3 hours of regular workout

Preventing Injuries

Being a training without additional load

Strength Increasement

By stimulating more than 350 muscles at the same time

It Delays Muscle Fatigue

Training without hardly feeling of physical fatigue

Better Circulation

Training that improves circulation in legs and arms

In Which Sectors Electrostimulation is Used?


Excellent for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation accompaniment for sports professionals. Improves muscle strength and endurance giving better results and performance for professionals. It is also an ideal exercise for muscle decontraction


Electrostimulation is a very powerful tool to stimulate muscles in patients who have spent a long time in bed or need more stimulation in some muscle.


Active exercise with electrostimulation increases the musculature, so areas with excess fat decrease achieving a slimming reduction effect. This is one of the main uses of this technology, since, combined with the right diet, it can show great results in the short term. In addition to improving and toning the most complicated areas.


Achieving greater muscular resistence is one of the great goals of fitness and one of the main achievements of electrostimulation technology. A 20 minute session with electroestimulation equals hours of training but with less fatigue and getting the same results.

For Whom is Electrostimulation?

Electro stimulation is indicated for everybody, for any age and sex. The type of applied electro stimulation will always depend on the needs and objectives of the client and their physical condition or underlying pathologies, which is the first thing that professional coach should assess.

The electrostimulation works for itself by creating unwilling contractions in muscles. Thanks to the movements which we make during the session and integral electro stimulation impulse, training becomes way more efficient and has higher intensity.

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