About us

Our mission is to provide healthy and at the same time very efficient solutions for muscle stimulation. EMS revolution is using the third generation suits and we are the only one in UAE using this third generation technology and number 33 branch around the world. EMS revolution works with the most advanced technology in electro muscle stimulation, producing the low-frequency electric impulse to obtain the best results. The electro stimulator is connected to our flexible suit” so all your muscle exercise at the same time .Our personal trainer manages your training session by choosing the best exercises according to your body needs, physical condition and goals. With EMS Revolution Training there are no boundaries since the user has the freedom of motion with the third generation technology. Not connected by wires or using wireless signal another great advantage of the EMS is that calories are not only burned during the training session but also on the 3rd-4th day after the training.

Why EMS Revolution

EMS Revolution is a premium branded fitness concept, we are only in UAE and number 33 around the world, based on the science of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and using third generation. It provides customers the opportunity to achieve in JUST 20 MINUTES, the same results of a 90 minute workout in a safer, healthier and one-on-one basis; we have separate section for ladies We are the only one using: Virtual Reality Live Monitoring Virtual Trainer Automatic Result Report

Why 3ed generation ?

Multi User

High Profitability

Virtual Trainer

Live Monitoring

Effect Of Training

Objective And Real Training

Last Generation Technology

The Advanced EMS Revolution electrostimulation will allow you to have different types of training with adjustable intensities. It is a device that is user-friendly and easy to use, with the main purpose of optimizing and easing face-to-face interaction between trainer and client.

Our one part EMS bio-suit will allow you to personalize training according to your needs since with it you will be able to change the position of all 20 electrodes. Besides, EMS bio-suit is ergonomic, resistant, elastic, easy to wash and use.

3rd Generation

Do You Know the 3rd Generation? Are You Going to Miss It?
3rd generation is the latest technological update in advanced inte-grated electrostimulation. With this new concept, we can enjoy all the advantages of the first and second generation, in addition to avoiding the inconveniences or limitations of previous generations.

First Generation

With wires

Stable signal

Limited mobility

2 Users

Second Generation


Unstable signal

Freedom of movement

20 Users

Third Generation



Total Freedom


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